Thursday, January 6, 2011

Run Run Run Away...

( Zappos)
First week of January and what do you know...a post about working out.  Yes, I am that Cliché! hahaha  Not only that, but quite hypocritical as I myself still have yet to sign up for a gym.  Though...these colorful beauties are more motivation.  I do wonder however, if my true motivation comes from the prospect of acquiring yet another pair of shoes...hmm... 

Perhaps admitting that I watch Giuliana and Bill isn't the best choice...but from watching it, I learned that you shouldn't shop for workout shoes based on looks (Giuliana got a lecture about matching her shoes to her shorts) but regardless, I'm a huge fan of all of maybe one out of four would work, right?

So here's to a bright 2011 and to an honest effort to get my ass to the gym... (not just to buy more shoes)

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