Friday, October 22, 2010

Home Again

Perhaps it's the cold weather that's got me thinking indoors, but I can't seem to get enough ideas for decorating. 

How amazing is this mirror? Large, gold/brass, shape...I need it.

 Wallpaper has come leaps and bounds from the pastel border that used to surround my room as a little girl.  Flocking is back full force and I welcome it with open arms.  I'm loving absolutely everything about this room. There's so much going on but it all works so well. And who doesn't love a little fur on the bed?
 Sleek and classic.  The phenomenal chandelier on the left is extravagant yet simple.   Nicely contrasted with the photo on the right of clean simple and white.  (we'll omit the rat with fur for our purposes here)
 I've been toying with the idea of a "picnic" style dining room table... a long bench on one side and upholstered chairs on the other...the table itself a long rich slab of wood with either metal legs or solid wood posts... ideas?
Stairs.  I absolutely love stairs. If I had stairs in my home, they would all be french-wrapped and rather than fully carpeted with skirting there would be an exotic runner going down the center.  The carpet on these stairs is fantastic!  I know the picture is small...and the carpet here is one of the smallest...but I am in LOVE!
*desire to inspire

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